Wrocław at a glance

2-hour walk through the center of the city with a guide, Old Town, Cathedral Island and Old Town Promenade - the most beautiful monuments of the capital of Lower Silesia.
Square of the Old Town  – One of the biggest squares in Europe, its centre is taken up by the magnificent edifice of the town hall and surrounded for the most part by the equally grandly renovated facades of former town houses. In the cellars of the Town Hall is the famous Świdnicka Cellar. Ostrów Tumski –  an island on the Odra River, the oldest part of the city. Detached from the urban noise, the elegant Ostrów Tumski is lighted with stylish gas lights, and the church facades are beautifully illuminated. Wrocław’s Old Town enchants everyone.


Wrocław by boat

Wrocław Old Town is situated among many rivers and canals and therefore exploring the city from the deck of the boat is a marvellous and convenient way to sightsee. Participants can admire the splendid panorama of the city.


Książ & Świdnica – excursion to Książ Castle and Church of the Peace

Książ – the biggest castle in the area. Once called clavis ad Silesian, the key to Silesia, since it was the main fortress on the route to Silesia. The castle towers over the whole area. From three sides it is surrounded by the river and the old park of rhododendron and flowered terraces. On one of them – the Water terrace – there are 27 fountains. Swidnica  –  an attractive Silesian town famous mostly because of the Church of the Peace. This Evangelical-Augsburg Church was built in 1650 on a cross plan surrounded by chapels. The interior is rich Baroque. Thanks to its galleries it resembles a theatre. Over 3500 worshippers can be seated inside. The Church of the Peace in Świdnica was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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